Trick-or-Treat: Our Favorite Cannabis Candy

It's the season of costumes and candy, and we wanted to marry our love of candy with cannabis. Check out our favorite infused treats and enjoy your next green-friendly sweet!


KIVA has had a longterm standing in the edibles game and their experience shows. Their bars come in wide variety of flavors so, unless you  dislike chocolate, there's something for everyone!

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EDIPURE Sweet 'N' Sour Candies

These sweet little bites offer 100mg (recreational)-500mg (medical) of THC. Get an assortment flavor pack and enjoy with care! They may be small, but they are mighty.

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Something for the caffeine and cannabis lover in one! Perk up with 10mg pieces you can manage your experience with small bites of delicious, Arabica-infused chocolate.

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KushyPunch Private Reserve Gummies

KushyPunch offer some of our favorite fruit flavor gummies in the industry. The don't harsh chemicals or additives, KushyPunch use all natural flavors for their lines so you can enjoy with ease.

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POLA’s La Familia Chocolate Cajeta

POLA (Product of LA) makes some seriously delicious Mexican chocolate, and their La Familia Chocolate Cajeta is no exception. Infused with 200mg, their bar is the delicious and decadent Hispanic chocolates of your dreams.

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Infusion Edibles Rice Treats

Enjoy a spin on a classic treat. Infusion Edibles offer a variety of cannabis-infused rice treats in Chocolate, Tropical, Peanut Butter and, of course, Old Fashioned!

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Remedy Plus’ Adios Mango Muddasuckas

Remedy Plus changed the game with these suckers. A devilish combination of spice and sweet mango goodness mixed with 125mg of premium quality medical cannabis proves for a tantalizing and delicious cannabis candy. 

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The Original Baked Bros™ Pourable THC Syrup

This sweet and highly absorbable syrup is one of the most calculated ways to get an accurate dose. Made with top quality concentrate, a little goes a long way. As opposed to the average 2 hours for full effect, patients tend to gain relief from symptoms within about 30 minutes!

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Paracanna Zen Zingers™

Zen Zingers™ let you customize your edibles experience. You decide the strength of the edible and what cannabinoids it contains (you might make your own mix of CBD and THC.) Snag a kit, get cannabis oil from a local dispensary you can use clear, flavorless distillate and begin to create! 

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Punch Edibles All White Chocolate Punch Bar

Punch Edibles has had our attention for a while now. Their white chocolate Punch Bars come in an array of flavors. Our current favorite? Strawberry Cheesecake. Don’t let that keep you from dishing on Cookies N’ Cream, Peaches N’ Cream, Key Lime Pie and more!

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These treats are all delicious but are not binge-friendly. Eat with care and check TCH levels before consumption. They are only for 18-year olds with a medical recommendation or recreational users over the age of 21.