How to Check Your Voter Registration for the 2020 Election

With the upcoming 2020 Election quickly approaching and potential limited in-person voting due to the Global Pandemic it leaves a lot of questions for California Voters.


How will I vote? Will the polls be closed? Can I vote by mail? To answer those questions, every registered voter in California should expect to receive a mail-in ballot prior to the election in which they will be able to cast their vote by mail. With that being said, it is imperative to make sure you are not only registered to vote but registered to the correct address. has made that process extremely simple. With just a bit of information you will be able to check your voter registration status along with the address of where you are registered. You will also be given the option to change voter information if necessary. If for some reason you find that you are not registered to vote, is another reliable resource to quickly do so.

Voter registration for California residents closes on October 19, 2020. But we recommend checking registration or registering for the first time, ASAP!