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DoLA, for the time being, has shifted to helping you find stuff to do at home while you’re stuck not being able to go out to enjoy the live music/entertainment community in your city.

Not Netflix and boardgames. ‘Cause while those can be entertaining, we want to help people do stuff that keeps them connected to and supporting their local (and the larger) live music/entertainment community.

What does this look like?

Just like we used to list, curate and promote real-world events, we’ll now be listing livestreams, trivia call-ins, drag queen brunches and the other crazy stuff that’s popping up.

Just like we used to host and support amazing events, we’ll be getting ourselves and our partners involved in virtual ones.

Our core brand promise remains the same. We are the hub of the local (and broader) live music/entertainment community. We keep people entertained, connected and supporting that community.

We’re equal parts media property, creative agency, and virtual experience company. But mostly, we’re an invaluable resource for all Los Angelenos looking to do awesome stuff at home, find out ways to support their community. We want you to be a part of this conversation with us. People are fired up to help. They are desperate for new things to do. Help us help.

What we Offer

Live Stream & Initiative Advertising

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RSVP & Contesting

Drive direct engagement with our streamlined solution for capturing user data, and sparking engagement with custom giveaways.

Virtual Experiences

Curated Music Live Streams, Virtual Happy Hours, or anything else you can think of - we can make it happen.


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